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Why you should learn React in 2021

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You know I have been coding in React for about 3 and a half years now and I have been loving every second of it. It’s just so exciting to work with this technology. I say React is the UI builder library of the decade . It has revolutionized the web space and how we as FE developers create web applications.

Before it FE development wasn’t even cool. Developers used their jQuery and other weird JS libraries or even PHP(yuck! jk I love you php devs) to get the job done. I am lucky enough I didn’t have to go through that phase of web development. I’ve gotten on the web dev train right when React was getting popular.

I am super grateful for choosing React, as in my time it was either Angular or React. Also there were lots of jobs for Angular developers and not as much for React back then. Vue was still not really popular and I wasn’t planning on learning something old like jQuery. If I had to choose again today, I would still choose React over any other UI builder library.

5 Top advantages of React

  • React is great at making quick demos which can be transform into huge applications, so it’s greatly scalable, flexible and extensive.
  • React is super easy, if you know JS quite well, then you can learn React in a matter of weeks. The important word is LEARN, not master. Mastering React is a different story and can take years of professionally working with it.
  • There’s a huge community around React with lots of libraries, so if you have some issue you can find the answer to it by a click of a button.
  • Nowadays you can find most web dev jobs requiring you to know React as a lot of companies use it in their projects. There is a huge demand for React devs. So if you want to quickly find a job as a web dev I’d recommend you learn React.
  • You can choose your libraries. It’s not like in Angular where everything is defined for you, like routing, component css encapsulation etc. In React you can choose your own way of doing things, it might not be the best, but hey you have the freedom and you have lots to choose from, there are a bunch of libraries made around react.
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Some more advantages

  • There are even a lot of libraries built up on React like Gatsby and NextJS. It’s really cool to dabble into these as well and see what kind of technologies and strategies they use.
  • What really made it appealing to me was that you can also make mobile applications with it in React Native. It’s one of the simplest ways to make a mobile application, sure it might not be native, but it’s still performant and looks great if you ask me.
  • React is fast and performant. With its use of virtual DOM and optimized component tree diffing algorithm its super fast.
  • React is loved by the developers using it. It’s always top 2 in the stackoverflow yearly developer survey most loved technologies section.

Anyway there are lots and lots of advantages of using React, I am not going to list them all, but you get the point… React is fucking amazing.


So React is pretty cool 😎 , and I might be a bit biased as you can see I love React, it’s truly the best UI builder JS library. But don’t get me wrong, knowing other libraries is great for your overall knowledge, because they might use some good practices that React doesn’t. I’ve dabbled with Vue and made a few project in it as well as in Angular. But none of them compare to React. 🤘

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