Trading in April week #4

Recently I’ve been a bit busy with work and just quite lazy overall not just about doing these weekly trading blogs. But I am back a going to backtrack the previous weeks.

This is the last week of April, so let’s get to it.

So we start the week stong on Monday with our favorite COCOS and shorting it at 9:19am at 1.828963 USDT and closing it at 3:47am at 1.804695 USDT for a profit of 1.34%.

Then the next day I opened another short at 10:25am at 1.784000 USDT and closed it at 01:09pm at 1.741000 USDT taking home 2.47%.

Then right after few minutes at 01:12pm at 1.646261 USDT I opened long thinking that the price momentum will reverse, but I couldn’t have been more wrong and I was forced to close the trade at 10:24pm at 1.633725 USDT for a loss of 0.8%.

Then I opened long right afterwards again at 10:25pm at 1.628190 USDT and closed it at 10:53 at 1.645000 USDT taking a small win 1.03%.

Again I opened another long at 11:00pm at 1.645000 USDT and closed it at 11:06pm at 1.673000 USDT taking 1.7%.

Then I opened 3 more smaller trades with little profit.

Then at 11:31pm I opened short on BTC at 28,874.37 and I had to close it the next day at 9:47pm at 28,863.95, losing a little. Even tho percentage wise its a win.

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On Wednesday at 10:29am I opened COCOS short at 1.936396 and closed it at 9:47 at 1.868761 for epic profit of 3.62%.

Then a minute later I opened another short at 9:48pm at 1.869578 and closed it at 10:02pm at 1.811148 for another nice profit of 3.23%.

At 10:02pm at 27,279.90 I went long on BTC thinking it’s going to reverse and it sure it and I closed it at 10:12pm at 27,712.04, for profit of 1.59%.

I quickly opened another short on COCOS at 10:12pm at 1.885747 and closed it at 11:07pm at 1.868502 taking 0.92%.

I opened another short at 11:09pm at 1.921809 and closed it two days later on Friday at 02:02pm at 1.894998 for profit of 1.41%.

I just didn’t have enough and at 2:24am at 29,247.70 I opened short on BTC and closed it at 03:24pm at 28,587.00 taking home 2.3%. For the rest of Thursday there was no action so I didn’t trade.

Friday I opened COCOS short at 2:49pm at 1.915000 and closed it at 7:31pm at 1.877000, profit was 2.02%.

On Saturday I didn’t trade at all, but on Sunday I longed COCOS at 10:34am at 1.772000 and closed it at 3:56pm at 1.799000, taking a small profit of 1.52%.

At 5:32pm at 29,871.70 I opened short on BTC and closed it at 5:49 at 29,565.60, taking 1.04%.

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The last trade of the week and month I’ve done on ADA opening short at 6:17pm at 0.41370 and closing it 6:33 at 0.41060, profit 0.75%

Total trades: 19

Total profit: +25.74%

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