Trading in April week #3

Following upon last weeks ADA short that I opened on 15th April 11:27am at 0.4478 USDT I had closed this one right on Monday 17th April 12:21pm at 0.4377 USDT, taking a profit of 2.30%.

I then opened a DOGE short at 01:35pm at 0.09376 USDT and closed it after not even 2 hours at 03:14pm at 0.09195 USDT with a profit of 1.96%. Easy trade right there.

I again went on ADA longing this time at 3:29pm at 0.43330 USDT and closing it at 8:20pm at 0.43850 USDT for a little profit of 1.20%.

The next day on Tuesday I shorted ADA again at 09:09am at 0.44230 USDT and closed it at 7:52pm at 0.43850 USDT for a profit of 0.86%.

Next morning on Wednesday I opened a long on APT at 10:11am at 11.80 USDT and closed it after 4 minutes at 10:15am at 11.916 USDT for a profit of 0.9%. Btw I opened this trade because the crypto market was going crazy around this going down a lot and I really had to go to the toilet and so after a while I got a looot of emails from my notifying me that the market has gone down even lower, so I bought some more APT and in the end I closed it with a profit. That’s how you make money while taking a shit. 😉😂

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Then there was not much going on so I looked at COCOS and it went bananas so I shorted it at 5:50pm at 1.787 USDT and closed that trade at 11:21pm at 1.703USDT, for a profit of 4.93%. Ofcourse I didn’t put a lot of money into this one so even if the % profit is nice the real profit is not that great, because yeah the volatility of this coin is crazy. Don’t want to risk too much.

Then I was up late and the price went down quite a bit so I saw another opportunity at 1:21am at 1.644USDT and opened long and closed it a minute later at 1:22am at 1.6666USDT for a nice 1.3% profit. That was a quickie in and out baby. That’s how we do, 1 minute is all we need haha and it felt amazing.

Then I woke up and straight saw another opportunity for a short at 9:13am at 1.8276USDT and closed it in the evening at 7:06pm at 1.7950 USDT. With a profit of 1.8%.

Later that evening at I opened a quick long 8:21pm at 1.7400USDT and closed it at 1.7640USDT for a profit of 1.3%.

On Friday I opened long for on BTC at 9:26am at 27438USDT and closed it at 27,337USDT. So we took a small loss on that one.

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Then on Saturday I made a few small trades on ADA and SXP that are not worth mentioning. Making a bit of profit but that’s all.

Afterwards I went on COCOS again my favorite haha, opened short at 10:06pm at 1.632USDT and closed it at 10:19pm not even 15minutes later at 1.6202USDT for profit of 0.7%.

Then I went back in and shorted at 11:26pm at 1.65400USDT and closed it at 5 minutes later at 11:31pm 1.6370USDT, taking home 1.03%.

I was again not being able to sleep so I shorted again at 1:02am at 1.67893USDT and closed this one at 2:35am at 1.67802USDT, profit was 0.5%.

Holy shit and I was still not done, damn call that overtrading or what… I shorted again at 2:36am at 1.6820USDT and closed it at 2:40am at 1.67100USDT with profit of 0.65%. Okay time to go to bed damn.

Sunday was also action packed, shorting COCOS again at 10:50am at 1.72658USDT and closing at evening at 6:24pm at 1.70463USDT, taking home 1.28%.

I then shorted again at 7:20pm at 1.72000USDT and closed it at 8:26pm at 1.70100USDT, taking 1.1%.

I tried longing APT at 8:55pm at 9.828USDT and closed it at 9:06pm at 9.9015USDT for small profit 0.74%.

Okay finally last trade of the week, I opened short on COCOS at 01:07am at 1.75600USDT and closed it at 2:13am at 1.73700USDT for a profit of 1.09%.

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And that’s it we’re done with week 3 of April. Really good week again trading well with the COCOS.

Total trades: 20

Total profit: +23.64%

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