Trading in April week #1

It’s Easter week so happy Easter to all of yous, enjoy the holidays, god bless you and let’s get right to it.

My first trade of the week happened on Monday 3rd April 11:14am shorting ADA at 0.4022 USDT the very tip of the top and then the price fell down closing the same day at 01:32pm at 0.39560 USDT for a nice gain of 1.66%. Sadly the price kept falling much deeper, even more than 3,4%. So that’s where I missed out on. But better to be safe than sorry and take profits in this crazy market, gotta be fast with that! So well done

Second trade happened the same day couple hours later at 05:00pm longing ADA at 0.38423 USDT and I’ve added onto this position at 0.38140 USDT at 7:36pm and then closing at the same day at 08:22pm at 0.38733 USDT for gain of 0.8%. Pretty much closing at the high and then the price fell down again. Quite lucky if you ask me 🙂

Then I quickly shorted ADA again at 10:13pm at 0.38340 USDT and closing it at 10:18pm at just 5minutes in the trade because I was tired and wanted to go to sleep. Quick profit of 0.68%.

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Next day comes around Tuesday 4th of April and I opened a long on ADA at 0.39780 USDT at 1:08pm because I’ve seen the price going up and I wanted to ride the wave but then I closed it at 0.39830 USDT at 2:23pm after more than an hour of nothing interesting happening and there was a huge rejection so that’s why I decided to close it. Aaand I was right the price did a freefall and went down more than 2%. Glad I got off that trade haha. Again quite lucky and fast thinking. Profit 0.12%.

I’ve right then after few more minutes entered a long at 0.38224 USDT at 3:10pm and the price kept going lower for the next 2 days, so I added onto the position at 0.37850 USDT at Thursday 6th April 12:11pm and once I was around breakeven I closed this the same day at 0.38467 USDT at 5:09pm. I didn’t have confidence in this trade because it looked like it might go even lower. Profit 0%.

Next I wanted a change of scenery haha, because waiting for 2 days to close the previous trade was too hellish for me. So I picked APT and opened short at 11.56271 USDT at Thursday 9:37pm and closed this position the same day at 11.43718 USDT at 11:01pm. It was a quick trade becuase I wanted to get back into trading again but I was too tired and didn’t want to keep the trade over night so I closed it fast. Sadly the price went lower than 3.5% for the next 15hours. Anyway profit for this one was about 1.09%.

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Not much was going on at Friday 7th of April so I didn’t trade.

Then on Saturday 8th of April I opened a short on ADA at 0.38830 USDT at 8:45am and the price went up a bit after wards but I kept my cool and set my take profit and didn’t move it and eventually after more than 12hours the trade closed at 0.38440 USDT at 8:49pm with profit of 1.01%. Pretty good for a weekend day which is usually very low volume and ranging market.

Total trades: 7

Total profit: +5.36%

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